sagency Packed the House at this Greek Chelsea Hotspot, and Kept it Going!


Client:            Mykonos Blue
Category:     Awareness

Mykonos Blue is a brand new Greek Restaurant in heart of Chelsea located within Hotel Hayden. 


Facing certain challenges that make it difficult to bring in traditional walk-in traffic, Mykonos Blue was concered about gathering enough buzz for their Grand Opening. However, using target Social Media ads and proven hospitality marketing techniques, sagency was able to generate enough buzz about the event to get the party going.
Between a strong opening and ongoing digital marketing efforts, sagency cemented Mykonos Blue's digital presence through influencer marketing events and constant engagement with the NYC foodie community. See some of the posts below!

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 5.55.38 PM.png
Influencer Marketing - Food Shot - at Mykonos Blue | sagency

Through strong digital strategy and proven social media techniques, sagency boosted event attendance and established this budding restaurant's place in Instagram foodie culture! The ongoing social media campaigns as well as wide spread online listing support continue to raise awareness and fill seats every day.  
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