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Why Snapchat Isn't Working For Your Business

Posted by Erik Izquierdo on Mar 16, 2017 4:12:29 PM

In Social Media, Small Business


So, you've decided that you've been wanting to use Snapchat to help promote your business. You've been nailing your Facebook, and your Instagram numbers are way up, so you feel it's time to branch out and tackle Snapchat. You've been posting once a day for a week, showing off your newest product and attempting to push sales by offering discounts through the platform. Yet, you've only gained seven "friends" in the last week and you're pretty sure three of them are bots. At this point, you're wondering why you aren't having the kind of reception your business has had over Instagram, and where you may have gone wrong. 

This is a common issue for small businesses, and the problem isn't with you or your content. Snapchat has a unique set of barriers that prevent you from using it as you would Instagram or Facebook, as the platform is seeking to preserve its authenticity as a human-to-human platform with a completely separate section for sponsored content. However, the sponsored content is almost exclusively reserved for pieces made from major publications and let's face it: if you are a marketing director of a major publication, you're probably not reading this article. 

Reach Your Audience By Using Someone Else's

The question remains: how the heck am I supposed to use Snapchat to reach my audience? Well, the short answer is that you aren't.

Rather, you need to get the right person and leverage their position on the platform for your business. Have influencers spend a day "at the office" and document it on Snapchat: it's a great way to organically reach their (hopefully thousands/tens of thousands) followers and have people interact with your brand in the authentic way that millennials happen to like so much. If your Snapchat does happen to have a good following, you can still use influencers to stage a social media takeover for your business, encouraging their followers to follow your Snapchat and invite them to experience the brand through their eyes. Whether they're spending some quality time with the chef learning how to make your signature dessert (don't give away too many secrets!) or trying on new clothes from your spring line, you will have the opportunity to let potential customers know what they'll be getting from your brand.

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Make the Most Out of Snapchat

In order to make the most of Snapchat, you have to play by their rules. Encourage people to follow your new Snapchat account by posting signage around your business. Place your Snapchat handle on marketing materials and have a social media savvy employye handle the Snapchat when you can't. Don't be discouraged by a lack of direct ROI: it's hard to determine who's converting based on Snapchat alone due to limited metrics, but if you've gained a lot of Snapchat friends and your messages are regularly opened, it's safe to say that your Snapchat is having some kind of effect. Once you have a following, keep these friends engaged by having small flash sales over Snapchat be it 25% off for the next 3 hours or a BOGO (Buy One, Get One) special at your ice cream at the shop. If there are perks to following your business on Snapchat, people are more likely to follow you and then tell their friends about it!

Including Snapchat in your social media marketing strategy is a brave step forward and while it won't be an instant success, long-term use can make it into a highly impactful platform. Whether it's boosting sales during your slow hours or providing a platform for influencers to showcase a brand, Snapchat can be the platform that brings your strategy to the next level.


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